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As I mentioned previously, this past weekend was the 2015 Global Game Jam. During those madcap 48 hours, I teamed up with Chris Hill, Kit Burgess, and Blake Parsons (who probably has a website, but he won’t share it with me – something about “national security” and “outstanding warrants”) to make a happy little space shooter we called Invaders from Sector 255.

Invaders is a three-player co-op game. One player steers the ship, another aims and fires the gun, and the third controls the shields. The enemies are color-coded, and dictate how the players interact with them: the shield-player must match the color of the shields to the color of the incoming bullets to block them, and the gun-player must match the colors of the enemies with his bullets in order to damage them.

The game’s write-up and playable build are found on the GGJ website here.

I designed the game and its levels. Kit handled much of the programming, Blake provided most of the artwork, and Chris swapped between his programmer, artist, and producer hats as needed. It was a pretty intense weekend, with a bit less sleep than I’m used to (which is saying something), but totally worth it. I can’t wait for next year’s jam.


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