The World of Steel Dragons – Part 4

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Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at the setting, characters, and conflict of Steel Dragons, but if you’ve been muttering to yourself, “Yes, that’s nice, but how does it feel?” then today’s entry is for you! Because today, we’re talking about tone.

Steel Dragons is a digital adventure board game about heroes exploring a steampunk version of feudal Japan, fighting monsters, finding treasures, and generally making the world a bit safer for decent people.

The tone of the Steel Dragons storyworld is one of ambition and opportunity.

While there are many challenges ahead, the world is full of new opportunities for those ambitious enough to seek them out. This tone is generally optimistic (“A better life awaits if you’ve got the courage!”), but opportunism can have a dark side. After all, ambition without compassion is how you get tyrants, conquerors, and evil corporate overlords. The game definitely focuses on the positive side of the coin, but the negative aspects are there in the background. Lurking. Tempting. Waiting for the right story to be told.

This concludes our look at the storyworld of Steel Dragons. In the future, we’ll be exploring the game components, the technology involved (hey, it’s digital!), and how the game actually plays.

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