Day 97: They Still Think I’m a Cat

Posted on May 10, 2017 By

The suit itches, and it stinks of sweat and other, less pleasant things. Still, it’s all for science, and so I persist.

Okay, I’m not really doing cat-science. But I have been buried under several NDAed projects, such as:

  • That one un-announced game design I’ve been forcing all my friends to playtest.
  • That other unannounced game project that’s had me working IN AN ACTUAL OFFICE several days a week.
  • The video game writing contract that’s allowing me to stretch my creative muscles in new directions.
  • The other video game writing project in which I’m helping polish a fun and charming story to a high sheen.
  •  The tabletop RPG line that lets me practice my InDesign wizardry.

Whew. You know, writing it all down like that, I don’t feel quite so guilty about letting the blog lie fallow a bit, or how much Ghost Punchers has languished the past couple months. Still, I look forward to when I can start showing this stuff off you fine folks and say, “See? I’ve been busy not lazy!” and have you believe me.


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