Up From the Ashes

Posted on August 8, 2017 By

Last week, I wrote how my original design for the “Alfred Packer Leads a Bunch of Noobs Into The Mountains and Ends Up Eating Them” game was no good. “Burn it down!” I wrote.

And so I did.

And since then, I’ve completely revamped the game, written a new set of rules, and put together a playable prototype.

I’ve also given the thing a name: Packer’s Last Resort.

Now, as of 6:00 AM Tuesday morning, I haven’t had a chance to actually play this prototype. It looks fun on paper, but paper-fun doesn’t count for much if the real thing’s a bore. I’ll be kicking the tires on this bad boy over the next few days. If it holds up, I’ll share the results here with you fine folks. If not… Well, I’ll just have to burn it down again and go back to poking at the ashes.


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