I’m a writer and game designer specializing in world-building and narrative design.

I’ve designed board games, trading card games, tabletop roleplaying games, and tactical battle games. My stories and settings have added depth and flavor to games played both online and on the tabletop.

I’m married to my editor, have playtesters for children, and — like all good writers — have more cats than may technically be legal in this state.

I am currently available for contract work in writing and game design.

Selected Game Credits

As a freelancer, I’ve written content and designed games for a number of tabletop and video game studios including Dire Wolf DigitalPinnacle Entertainment, and Alderac Entertainment Group,  and worked on projects such as

I’ve worked with Sony Online Entertainment designing online strategy games, including

I also worked with Fantasy Flight Games as a manager and designer on dozens of tabletop games such as

  • Runebound (game design and IP development),
  • the Dawnforge RPG (game design and IP development), and
  • the classic Diskwars (game design and IP development).

For a more complete list of projects, you can check out my profile on LinkedIn

Writing Samples

I’ve got a whole page of samples right here.