Strange New Worlds

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It was over a year ago when I decided to focus the blog on the nuts and bolts of crafting storyworlds. After doing a couple different series of posts on the topic, I decided to test out those lessons on a real-world example. There was some hemming and hawing behind the scenes but, in the end, the Ghost Punchers world was born.

It was fun applying my high-minded theories to the realities of actual world-building. That resulted in a pretty detailed write-up of the Ghost Punchers world. I’m not done with Ghost Punchers — not by a long shot — but I think it might be time for the blog to move on.

Now I’m wondering if I could do another series of worldbuilding entries focused on going wide, rather than deep. If I could, instead of taking 6-9 weeks to really dig into a single storyworld, take those same weeks to write up multiple storyworlds in much broader strokes. Focus on high concepts, loglines, and elevator pitches. Apply principles of fractal world-building to a subject in 200 words, rather than 20,000.

Yeah. I think I can do that. Emphasis on think.

Watch this space, and we’ll find out together.


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