Cards and Cannibals

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I’ll be honest: I expected to be further along on this “cannibal card game” idea by now. I’d intended to show you a full game pitch like those I’ve done in the past, but life, as it often does, had different ideas. That’s okay. We’ll make do with a short snapshot of the work in progress.

Here’s a sample of one of the cards I’m working on:

Strength: The game sort-of cooperative. As member of a gold-mining expedition, all the players are trying to reach Colorado without dying. To that end, they play cards each round. If they play enough total Strength, they progress to the next checkpoint. If not, they’re that much closer to starving to death in the mountains.

Suit: The twist is that while everyone puts in some Strength each round, the players who put in the most and the least get penalized. To break ties, each card has a suit, which is ranked from highest to lowest.

Text: Some cards (maybe all? I haven’t decided yet) have game text that can help you, hurt your opponents, or help the expedition as a whole. Sometimes, you may play a card you otherwise don’t want to because you need its game text.

So how exactly does the game play?

I’m still working on that part. I’ve got some solid ideas, but need to test them before sharing them with the world. Hopefully I’ll have something to show in another week or two.


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  1. Chris burke says:

    Any game involving canibals is ok with me

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