Ghosts of Christmas Present

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Did you know that, thanks to the “Christmas in July” sale, you can buy your very own copy of Ghost Punchers for less than eight bucks? Well, now you do! If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to pick up a copy of my RPG of supernatural investigation and violence, this is it!

“But what else is happening with Ghost Punchers?” you may ask. “Didn’t you promise us some supplements?”

Um, yes. Yes I did. And the first one-sheet adventure, Cookie Monsters, is available to download for whatever price you want (including free!).

But the other thingsā€¦ are still coming. When my old computer started dying, I started focusing on creating backups rather than creating content. Then life happened. But now that I’ve got a new computer, I might be able to start pressing forward once more.

Let’s see what’s pending, shall we?

  • The actual, physical, hold-it-in-your-hand-and-smell-the-paper hard copy of Ghost Punchers is about where I left it several months ago. The guts of the thing are done, but the cover remains to be done. Something about ink saturation? I’ll need to dig back in and see where things are at.
  • The sourcebook for the Order of the Sacred Shield is also on my Big List of Guilt. Like the hard copy, it lost all momentum when my computer troubles brought things to a screeching halt. But looking at the files, I see it’s pretty close to being done, so maybe it will see the light day before actual Christmas gets here.
  • And yes, the next one-sheet adventure, Too Many Hitlers!, has been playtested, and just needs to be edited and laid out.

So fear not, Ghost Punchers fans! I have not abandoned you! I’ve just wandered off and put out fires for a while. Nothing personal, folks. Just trying to keep my house from burning down.


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