A Pillar of the Fallen City

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Previously, I wrote about unique, individual “pillar characters” who appear in multiple stories across the storyworld and fulfill important structural roles within the world itself. Below is one such character from the Empire of Venom & Silk storyworld.

Mora Nash, Scavenger of the Fallen City

Mora grew up on the streets of Namzi, where she learned to be strong, ruthless, and utterly self-sufficient. As a young woman, she found employment as an enforcer for a crime lord. She didn’t particularly enjoy breaking the bones of those who couldn’t pay their debts, but the job paid well and her employer treated her well.

When the spiders invaded Namzi, the crime lord was one of the first to flee the city, and Mora was at his side. Their refugee band was desperate, but wealthy and well-armed. Nevertheless, when they encountered an invader hunting party, most of the refugees were wiped out–including Mora’s boss.

Mora tried to build a new life for herself in the city of Zira, but Namzi was the only home she’d ever known. She returned to Namzi, but found it virtually destroyed… and ripe for the looting.

Now Mora supports herself by digging through the ruins of Namzi in search of valuables. As a child of the city, Mora knows the best places to look for loot, and the best ways to avoid running into cultists, monsters, or other scavengers. She occasionally guides groups of outsiders who come to Namzi looking to recover specific documents or artifacts. To her surprise, Mora’s found that she’s good at leading, and even grudgingly enjoys it. In her wildest flights of fancy, she imagines heading up an effort to rebuild and resettle the city… then shakes her head and gets back to work.

Mora prefers to be alone. She is gruff and short-tempered if forced to deal with other people, and denies the rumor that she’s fiercely loyal to the few she considers friends. What Mora lacks in social skill she makes up for in physical prowess. She’s tall and muscular, and stronger and nimbler than most people her size.

Role: Mora is the archetypal “scavenger” often found in the Fallen Realms. While her story is uniquely her own, her life amongst the ruins is similar that of most people of her profession.

Quote: “Quiet, you idiot. You see those double doors? Your ‘sacred cup’ or whatever is through there, but see here? Right in front? That’s a spider cultist. Looks like he’s standing guard. What else is in there? And don’t lie to me, or I’ll gut you right here.”

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