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What? Seriously? It’s time for Genghis Con again? Didn’t I just run a bunch of games at — oh, right. That was Tacticon. That was completely different.

So yeah, I’m running games February 15-18 at Genghis Con in Denver. It’s all Savage Worlds, and yes, there will be ghost-punching, but I’ve got a couple new games in the works as well. Check it out:


Ghost Punchers: Scare Plane

Not everyone is afraid to fly, but on Flight 192, you should be! Ever since that layover in Atlanta, passengers have been feeling chills, hearing voices, and seeing horrific visions. Clearly, the plane is haunted by ghosts, and those ghost need to be punched!


Gunslingers of the West Wood

One-eyed Murgoch and his gang of Ogre desperados is coming to town! It’s up to your band of gunslingers, knights, and wizards to save the day in this epic fantasy western!


Challengers of the Oblivion Zone

Get ready for deadly pulp sci-fi adventure in the most dangerous (and lucrative!) sector of the galaxy. You’ve got a raygun, a spacesuit, and a near-suicidal love of thrilling action. What could possibly go wrong?

If any of these sound interesting, or if you want to check out the hundreds of other games going on, head on over the Genghis Con website and behold what awesome gaming awaits!


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